vertical farming ideas at home

10 Innovative Vertical Farming Ideas at Home

Are you a modern farmer? If you can say yes to this question, then you are a vertical farmer. With modern life, vertical farming is the trendy way to get surrounded by nature. Check this article and find 10 innovative vertical farming ideas at home that will add to your current skills.

It is amazing the many ways you can take advantage of vertical farming. These vertical farming ideas at home are just a little bit you can do, but there are many other creative things you create, so keep on searching for ideas.

The “zip” Vertical Farm

zip vertical farming method to use at home

By now, I am sure you think of walls when you talk about vertical farming ideas at home. You can wipe that idea of your mind, and go a step further. The “zip” vertical farm is an innovative system you can place practically anywhere. It is a column with all the systems to send water and nutrients to your plant. Some vendors are selling it, or you can do it yourself. The “zip” name comes from the shape. It is a vertical strip with plants on it. Imagine placing it in the middle of your living and dining rooms. It can be a nice shift to the old fashion furniture to divide areas. But most of all, the “zip” vertical farm is one of the vertical farming ideas at home out of the box. It will give you flexibility, and you can print green to other places in your house.

Simply a Ladder

using a ladder to vertical farming at home

Again, break the paradigm of walls for vertical farming ideas at home. A ladder is a simple idea to create your vertical garden. Watch how you can accommodate different levels of beautiful plants. It is an excellent DIY project. When you find an extra ladder at home, that is about to go as waste, reuse it and build this fabulous vertical farming ideas at home.

The Vertical Farming wall portrait


Your living room is certainly full of pictures. Pick the largest spot that you would usually fill with a portrait and use this vertical farming idea at home to place a portrait full of plants instead.

You can either place an arrangement of your favorite plants, create art with your vertical garden or even grow food. No matter which way you go, it will look original and perfect in your living room.

The Magic of PET

using plastic bottles to vertical farming at home

PET is one of the best ways to get a cheap (not to say free) container for your vertical garden. It is easily set in any way you want on any wall. PET is a versatile way to make use of all your vertical farming ideas at home. Play with colors and caps to make a unique design for your home.

The Magic of Light at Vertical Farming

vertical farming home decoration

One creative way to make use of vertical farming ideas at home is to take advantage of lightning. Just illuminate your vertical garden from behind and create some interesting effect highlighting the beauty of your farm.

When you use this vertical farming idea at home, make sure to select low-consumption lights like LED. They are safer for your vertical garden because they generate less heat which can damage your plants.

Random Designs for your Home Facade

How to use Vertical Farming for Home Decoration

If you are fortunate to have a big house with a tall wall outside, make good use of it and turn it into this vertical farming idea at home. There is no limit to what you can make. It can be random figures or even a particular form. The different tones of green on certain plants can help to create a profound effect.


The Totem Garden

shipping container for vertical farming

This is an excellent decoration vertical farming ideas at home. Make use of blocks and create a beautiful garden. You can mix ornamental plants with food to create a unique outcome. Farm at home all your species and get them as fresh as possible directly from your totem garden.

Spices Frame for your Kitchen

vertical farming idea at kitchen

Vertical farming ideas at home are not just about decoration. They can also have a utilitarian porpoise. Like, for example, this frame with spices for your kitchen. Instead of having a set of dried spices to cook, get the freshest possible spices with a vertical farm at your kitchen. It is decorative and useful. 

Beehive Vertical Farm


One of the best vertical farming ideas at home for your garden or roof garden is this vertical beehive garden. It has an attractive design along with some beautiful plants. Nature was not wrong with the use of hexagons, and that is why it looks so great with plants.

Modern Miniature Vertical Farm

vertical farmin techniques

The modern miniature vertical farm is the best vertical farming ideas at home to match your modern decoration. The transparent glass-like containers make it perfect for minimalist looks. The round edges get a smooth look to the frame. You can add an automated system for watering to complete the sense of modernism. Make sure lightening is not too hot for the plants you chose for your modern miniature vertical farm.


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