Vertical Farming Towers to use in Home

About Us

We are a company that specializes in advising our readers on the art of vertical farming at home. Vertical farming involves the use of vertical items to grow food rather than planting everything in the ground. Having noted the increasingly small land areas people are able to afford, we sought out to do away with the inhibitions placed on land availability by ensuring that people are still able to grow their food at home even when they do not have actual land to do so. We have partnered with many other firms and individuals to make sure that you always get the best of vertical farming in their homes given the high level of food needed when compared to the available land area for growing the food.

Starting out with vertical farming

To make the most of this art, we focus on advising people on mixed-use skyscrapers which allow for the growing of various types of crops on the same vertical column such that one level will be covered up by one type of crop while the next level will be taken by another one. For this reason, the crops will benefit from the same type of soil while giving you the ability to grow many crops in a small space.

Information on Types of Skyscrapers for Your Home

There are many types of skyscrapers which ensure that you have a wide choice to choose from for your home. We focus on giving advice on skyscrapers according to what Despommier intended in view of the Despommier skyscrapers. Although similar in nature to the other types of skyscrapers, the focus for this type of skyscrapers is on keeping them isolated from the rest of the world through the creation of artificial environments. You can think of them as skyscrapers in a greenhouse. We make sure you learn how to make the perfect combination of a skyscraper and a greenhouse the focus being on deriving the most benefits from the two.

Using Stackable Shipping Containers

With stackable shipping containers, we ensure you can have various containers in which you can be able to grow various items such as vegetables and then stack one over the other. The stacking allows you to save on space in the home. Besides that, you get to give special care to the specific crop you have grown in each stack. Keep in mind that we equip you with the right skills that will ensure you get to know exactly what is expected of you when using the stackable shipping containers. This method is among the most dynamic of them all as it allows for the growth of many crops without a problem.

Why You Should Try Vertical Farming for Your Home

We make it very easy for you to start and keeping on doing vertical farming. Vertical farming has been gaining track over the recent past mainly due to the fact that growing crops on big patches of land or buying them have become major problems in the food industry since most people cannot afford to buy the vegetables and fruits on a daily basis to be able to lead a healthy life. If you intend to grow some plants at home, you should consider us before main your move. We have helped thousands of people realize the most from our experience and advice.