health benefits of vertical farming

What Are The Health Benefits of Vertical Farming at Home

Health benefits of vertical farming include

No produce spoilage

There is very little or no spoilage of the produce just when one is using vertical farming methods since the crops are to be consumed immediately after their harvest. That is why we say this is a Health Benefits of vertical farming. One does not need to be bearing the transportation costs for the transferring of the produce from one place to the next since all crops are to be utilized by the planters themselves.

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No pesticides for Vertical Farming

As vertical farming occurs indoors, little bugs will not be able to eat up your plants. You do not need to be worrying about the ingestion of unneeded chemicals. Among advantages for this type of urban farming technology will be again exploited by the production of organic crops on a large scale. These controlled conditions for growing allow for the reduction or abandonment of using any types of pesticides of a chemical nature. Therefore we can identify this as one of best health benefits of vertical farming.

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Green All Year Round

While farming outdoors will heed to the yearly seasons, indoor vertical farming, when sustained well, will allow green veggies to be growing fresh all year round. So this is a good health benefit of vertical farming.

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Fresher product

If one lives in urban environments that are away from farms, they will most likely have “fresh” store fruits and veggies that are a week or so old. Vertical Farming focuses on filling rooftops then building spaces in order for food to be interspersed in their neighborhoods.

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Environment Friendly

For every land area which is to be developed for vertical farming technology, it will reduce the rest with more than 100 times for the necessity of the utilization of land for the production of food. The farms will be reverted to the natural states. This aspect is to promote regrowth of the trees that are very effective in the sequestration of carbon dioxide.

The growing of crops indoors will reduce or eliminate the using of mechanical plows and such equipment which reduces the burning of the fossil fuels. Due to this, there are to be a significant reductions in air pollution or CO2 emissions which will be causing climatic change. Also, CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced from the shipping of crops across the continents or oceans. This way, an environment that is healthier will thus be enhanced for all life forms.

Reducing of Occupational Hazards

Indoor farms are to reduce all occupational hazards that are associated with the traditional, horizontal type of farming. The risks include: the accidents of handling the farming equipment, the exposure to the infectious diseases such as malaria, the exposure to the poisonous chemicals, and the confrontations with dangerous animals. Thus, the availability such foods that are both fresh and safe is beneficial to everyone.


Creation of Healthy Conditions

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With vertical farming, one sees no erosion, nutrient depletion, pollution, antibiotic-resistant bacteria and scarred landmarks coming from the clear-cutting or mono-cropping practices when working with nature in the provision of  our needs.


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