How to reduce cost of vertical farming at home

There is much loose talk in the vertical agricultural world about using a renewable energy source to their grow-lights. That discussion has moved into some interesting circular logic: it is estimated that by 2050, also close to 80% of the earth population will live in the urban areas and the population will increase by 3 billion people. A very significant amount of land will be required depending on the change in yield per hectare. There is a concern in the available space for farming. Vertical farm is designed in a way that it will that it will reduce the use of agricultural land. Unlike the traditional, indoor farming can produce crops year-round. All season farming multiplies the productivity of the cultivated area by factor two depending on the particular plant. There is a need to transport the various farm produce from the production to sales. Resulting to low rate of spoilage, infestation and energy required than the conventional farming system

How can you reduce the cost of vertical farming at your home?

There are many ways you can reduce the cost of vertical farming at home

  • Negotiate very well

To Negotiate is an act of business; there is a need for proper negotiate when you want to reduce cost. When you are faced with buying the equipment or the material needed, you have to beat down the price that the seller offers, and if the seller refuses to agree with your price move to the next available store to purchase. You have to find the store that fits your price range, don’t think there are any stores like that.

  • Use the available resource you have
using available materials to vertical farming at home
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There are available resource around you, ask your neighbor if they have certain material you need that they can spare. If there are only a few of the needed resources, you can substitute for the material. Where you will need a tank, you can use a bucket or where you need a wire mesh you can use threads.

  • Start small

Instead of going all out at once, you can start small. Instead of using all the available space, why not use a small portion. You can start you vertical farm small then expand accordingly

  • Need for automation

Automated vertical farming system

If you want to save cost of vertical farming at home, you need to make the operation automated. The manual run of the farm cost money, and it is labor intensive. Most people believe doing the hard way will save the money that is all lies because of the more simple, the more ease. When the operation of temperature, humidity, and water system are automated, it saves you the cost of doing it manually over series of times.

  • Your creativity must be involved

creative vertical farming method

Lack of creativity makes you pump money without looking careful. To save cost, you need to use the creative mind off yours to make things happen. You may decide not to follow the usual vertical farm building style which is expensive but follow the construction method which will suit your pocket.

Conclusively, To reduce the cost of vertical farming at home is on your part, you can keep a lot of money by following the outlined ways.

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